There’s nothing worse than driving down the road and suddenly, you hear a loud crack on your windshield. For a brief moment, you hope that whatever it was that hit your windshield didn’t leave any kind of damage. But unfortunately, there it is: A chip in your windshield. We know that you probably don’t want to have to deal with the inconvenience of a windshield chip repair, but here at DentZilla, we can help make the process as smooth as possible.

When you find yourself with a chip in your car windshield, the chip should not go untreated. The sooner that you can get your car in for windshield chip repair, the better. Chips in car windshields can often lead to cracks that only become more difficult to repair over time. Eventually, if a crack in your windshield spreads enough (anything spanning 18 inches or deep damage to the glass) the windshield will no longer be repairable, and you’ll simply have to have your windshield replaced. If you happen to find yourself with a windshield chip in the colder months of the year, your car’s windshield is especially susceptible to expedited cracking.

At DentZilla, we inject a resin into the windshield chip or crack to bond the materials back together to prevent contaminants from reducing the windshield’s integrity. The sooner that you can complete this process the better. Windshield repair is definitely more cost effective than windshield replacement.

When you choose DentZilla for your windshield chip repair, you will receive a free estimate on any work that you may need done to your windshield. You will also receive excellent service from industry professionals. There’s no reason to drive around looking for a windshield chip repair service in a grocery store parking lot when you can trust the windshield repair experts at DentZilla.

Contact DentZilla for all of your windshield chip repair needs. Should you find that your car is also in need of car dent repair or hail damage removal, DentZilla can help with all of your car dent removal needs.