best car care st charles mo

Taking good care of your car goes a long way, and cleaning your vehicle properly is one of the most overlooked aspects of automobile care. Not only does keeping your car’s exterior well maintained make your car more attractive, it can ultimately increase your car’s resale value too. Below the DentZilla team has put together some easy-to-follow steps for making sure your vehicles paint looks great all year long. washing car st charles missouriFirst, Rinse and Wash

No matter how carefully you drive things like dirt, grime, mud, and dust will always find their way onto your vehicle. Starting with a full wash is the best way to remove them off of your car’s exterior. Use a high-quality car washing soap, never a liquid detergent or household dish cleaner as these can damage your paint or wax. Rinse, wash, then rinse your car again, to ensure that all car washing soap is completely removed. After rinsing, you can follow up with a quick towel dry, using a microfiber car towel.

Clean Your Wheels

When it comes to your wheels, you’ll want to make sure you use a product that is made specifically for the type of wheels your car has. If you aren’t sure, or take care of several different vehicles in your household, you can start with an acid-free aluminum wheel cleaner, which can be used to clean all types of wheels.

Take Care of Windows

Keep your windows streak-free with an auto window cleaner. This is especially important if your car has tinted windows, so that you won’t damage your car windows when cleaning them.

Protect With Wax

Wax helps to fortify your vehicle with an added layer of protection, keeping your car safe from UV rays. Car wax also helps to prevent fading and serves as a light film that guards your car from anything that might fall or build-up in your exterior.

These car cleaning tips are great for keeping your car looking good, however sometimes bigger dents or dings can happen that cleaning and waxing your car just won’t fix. If you work of live in the St. Charles, Missouri area and have a small fender bender or other door ding that needs to be repaired, DentZilla can help. Our mobile dental repair services makes it ultra-easy to get your vehicle’s exterior fixed quickly and affordably.

Get scheduled easily, by calling us at (314) 677-7775. We would be happy to help repair your car dents or make paint touch ups!