The new year is just around the corner, and it’s a great time to make sure you’re taking care of your vehicle properly. This is more important in winter, when the streets of St. Charles, Missouri can have salt and other chemicals that can splash onto your car. Make sure you take care of your care properly for 2018 with our easy to follow car care tips!

Rinse and Wash Regularly 

Most people avoid hand-washing their own vehicles in winter, avoiding harsh conditions and cold temperatures. By going through a basic car wash every few weeks to regularly wash grime and debris off of your car, you’ll be keeping your paint and body clean from chemicals, dirt, and grime.

Wash Windows

Keep your visibility while drive ultra-clear with regular window washing. You can use the products often provided while you pump your gas, or you can use a window cleaner to keep your windows easy to look through this winter.

Fill Your Fluids

Always check and keep your vehicle’s fluids topped up. This is a task often neglected in winter, but you can add this to your list of things to check on a sunny or warmer winter’s day. You’ll want to make sure you have enough window-wiper fluid to get you through the next winter storm!

Check Tire Pressure

Your tires should be checked regularly, which is especially true in winter. Fluctuating temperatures can impact the tire pressure of your wheels. Keep tires filled to the appropriate psi to make sure your driving safely this winter.