Getting door dings in parking lots is often irrigating, yet hard to avoid. When you’re busy driving to and from the grocery store, work, or the doctor’s office, chances are you may end up in a busy parking lot, full of other vehicles that are in a hurry too.

Luckily, your efforts to avoid door dings can be enhanced by checking out your surroundings before choosing a parking space.

Next time you pull up to a crowded Schnucks, Dierbergs, or Costco parking lot, consider trying one of these commonsense parking tips to help keep your vehicle’s body door ding-free.

  • Park further away from your destination. The odds of someone parking near you, or crowding your spot decrease when there’s more room and spots open.
  • Look at the next vehicle’s height. If you end up parking next to a car that has a similar height to yours or if they have a protective rubber door molding, these can help to protect your car’s doors. Since SUVs and trucks are taller, their doors may cause dents higher than your moldings will protect.
  • Try to find an end spot. This is usually your safest bet in really high-traffic times and busy parking lots (think of Holiday-shopping weekends at the mall, for example).
  • Watch out for child seats. Parking next to a car with a child’s seat may increase your risk of a door ding. Parents may need to fully extend their doors to properly strap their child for safety.

In the event of common door dings (it happens to the best of us!), DentZilla is here to help!

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