Being surprised by hail damage on your vehicle is no fun. It’s even worse when you knew it was going to hail but you could not move your car under the carport or in the garage for protection. The good news is that you can still get your car fixed without spending too much money out of pocket. One of the worst commonly made decisions our dent repair experts see people make is to request a paint job. You do not need to apply paint on your vehicle’s damaged surface unless it’s cracked. The value of paintless dent repair is to offer a cost-effective dent repair solution that will restore your car to its original condition without changing the original factory paint.

Here at DentZilla, we perform paintless dent removal (PDR) by using specialized tools to safely remove hail damage and dents from your car. There are so many DIY articles online about performing dent removal yourself, including using hot water, dry ice or even a hair dryer to remove hail damage. These ideas can oftentimes cause more harm than good and are ineffective when there is extensive hail damage on your vehicle.

DentZilla is experienced at providing PDR services to the St. Charles, MO and St. Peters, MO areas. Our team of dent repair experts even come to you! We offer mobile dent repair that’s affordable and convenient. Contact us today to remove your dents fast, and at a great price!