Your Automotive Welding Experts

Because you use your car as your main form of transportation (more than likely), it is no wonder that it gets damaged. Even if you are a wonderful driver, you have no control over the person going 10mph over the speed limit, texting right behind you. So, when you come to us with fender benders and broken bumpers, we greet you with a warm smile and let you know that we understand, and your car is in great hands.

While bumpers and plastic moldings are not the most expensive part of your car to replace, they are still a piece that, when taken into a collision repair shop, can leave your wallet pretty empty. For this reason, we offer plastic welding.

Plastic Welding?

Yes, we said plastic welding! At DentZilla, we can fix your bumper, headlight tabs, and any plastic part on your car. By nitrogen-fusing plastic tears and punctures back together, we can fix the problems that arise from fender benders and broken bumpers. Sometimes, we can even recreate missing pieces altogether. As a more affordable option, in comparison to collision repair, plastic welding also provides faster results and helps to maintain your vehicle’s factory finish.

As a factory-certified trainer and authorized provider of nitrogen welding systems, you can trust the expert experience at DentZilla to provide you with exceptional results that blow our competition out of the water. ASE recognized and ICAR credit PR-01 course approved, we believe in using our knowledge and experience to provide you with the absolute best service.

By choosing DentZilla, you are choosing to work with the leading experts in the business. Contact us with questions regarding your vehicle damage, and let us see if plastic welding may be the solution for you.