Hail damage can take your car from a thing of beauty to something you’d rather not be seen driving around town in. Unfortunately, hail damage can affect even the most protective car owner when an unexpected storm strikes. The good news is that if you car has been affected by hail damage, you don’t have to live the with the unsightly dimpled surface on your car for long. Here at DentZilla, we can help you with all of your hail dent removal needs in O’Fallon. We even come to you, which makes having the hail damage on your car repaired easier than ever. If you’re not sure exactly what steps you should take if your car has suffered hail damage, keep reading to for a step-by-step guide to get your car free of hail dents.

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Hail Damage Repair For Your Car

Step #1. Report the hail damage to your car insurance company.

Your insurance company should be contacted immediately so you can make them aware of any hail damage that your car has due to a recent hail storm. If you make a claim with your insurance company, we can work with you to help you save more on insurance deductibles that qualify for up to $500.

Step #2. Educate yourself on the different hail dent removal techniques that are commonly used.

Hail dent removal is done one of two ways: your car’s sheet metal will either be hammered and painted or a paintless dent removal technique can be used. Here at DentZilla, we recommend and use the paintless dent removal technique. When this technique is utilized, metal tools that have been specially molded will work on the underside of the damage to your car in order to avoid disturbing the factory finish paint on the car. Having your hail dents removed through hammering and painting should be reserved for particularly large dents where the paint has been damaged.

Step #3. Find an auto body shop or a mobile company that meets your needs.

Research a few different companies in your area that offer hail damage repairs for vehicles. Here at DentZilla, we offer free estimates for all of our work, and we are a mobile company that can come to you and repair your car in a timely manner. We promise that if we are not able to meet your needs, we will recommend a trusted body shop that can.

When the look of your car suffers hail damage, don’t put off the repairs. DentZilla makes hail dent removal easy and stress-free with our mobile services and paintless dent removal techniques. We pride ourselves on the work we do, and we are dedicated to providing expert hail dent removal services to the O’Fallon community. If you happen to live outside of our service area, we are happy to meet at any location within our service area to offer free estimates and service; we can even meet at your favorite coffee spot so you can enjoy yourself while we work diligently to repair your car.

Call us today for your free hail damage estimate. We look forward to working with you.