As Springtime quickly approaches, we could be facing more chances for rain and hail here in O’Fallon, Missouri. If you’re without a garage, or you happen to get caught in a storm, your car doesn’t have to suffer from hail damage. There are some steps you can take to try and prevent your car from enduring hail damage this spring. If your car has hail damage from previous storms, and you’ve yet to repair the damage, DentZilla can help you with hail dent removal in O’Fallon by coming to you! And if you’d like to learn some tips and tricks to protecting your car from hail damage in the future, keep reading!

Protect Your Car From Hail Damage

Keep Thick Blankets From Your Home In Your Car

To ensure that you’re never caught without an option if a hailstorm is reported to take place, or if you’re simply caught in the middle of one, you can always search your home for thick blankets that you wouldn’t mind keeping in your car for storm emergencies. If you can’t get your car to a garage or covered parking, putting thick blankets over your car could help to prevent or reduce the amount of damage a hail storm could cause.

Search Locations Of Nearby Garages And Covered Parking

If you happen to live near a mall or public parking that you know offers covered parking, and you don’t have a garage yourself, you may want to consider parking your car at that location for the duration of the hail storm. It may not be the most convenient option, but keeping your car parked in a garage for a few hours could save you from having to pay for repairs later.

Remember Your Car’s Floor Mats

If you’re caught in a storm or you don’t have access to the other options listed, you can always grab the floor mats from your car and place them on your car’s roof and hood. You obviously won’t be able to cover your entire car, but preventing some hail damage is better than nothing!

Purchase A Car Cover

If you are serious about preventing hail damage to your vehicle and you can’t access a garage or covered parking, a car cover could easily fit into your car and be available for whenever a storm hits. There are some pretty high-tech car covers that can inflate or turn into an umbrella-like cover that will provide your car with extra protection from hail.

The tips listed above could help to prevent your car from enduring hail damage during a storm. If you happen to have hail damage from a previous storm, or you unintentionally get caught in a hailstorm, the hail damage repair experts at DentZilla can help. Call DentZilla for all of your hail dent removal needs in O’Fallon.